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20 October 2024
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Road Safety Bike Park

Road safety is a primary concern for the Amashova Durban Classic – we believe that well educated citizens are essential to developing responsible road users for the future. The children learn the rules of the road in a practical manner using the bikes on a specially designed track that incorporates all aspects of road design they may encounter whilst using the roads. In light of the increasing demands of a rapidly growing city, and the need for non motorised transport we believe the Amashova Durban Classic has a vital role to play in ensuring the safety of all road users in the City.  The City of Durban acknowledged this initiative in their “Imagine Durban” publication on innovation and sustainability and we are ready to roll this concept out to other areas in desperate need of this unique school based road safety educational plan.

We build custom made cycle tracks at previously disadvantaged schools and supply bicycles and push bikes for the children to ride and learn road safety in a self-sustaining project the school runs. The first bike park was built in Inchanga and the second one was built at Cato Ridge and the third one was build in Thornville. We are busy identifying a fourth bike park venue.