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20 October 2024
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Approach to Finish

Race date: Sunday 20 October 2023

Approach to Durban to collect cyclists via Springfield Park

The most convenient way to fetch your cyclists is to take the N3 Toll Road Eastbound to Durban.


Avoid the M13 Westbound, as the cyclists will use this route and it is closed to traffic!

  1. When travelling from Pietermaritzburg on the N3 Freeway and quite soon after the Pavilion Shopping Centre on your right, you will reach the N3 / N2 Freeway Intersection – also locally known as Spagetti Junction
  2. Take the left turn off from the N3 – and keep left towards the NORTH COAST, on the N2 freeway
  3. Continue northwards along N2 Freeway and exit left to the M19 at INANDA ROAD/SPRINGFIELD PARK/UMGENI ROAD.
  4. Just after this flyover which heads towards the M19 (going eastwards)
  5. You will continue past SPRINGFIELD PARK SHOPPING COMPLEX and Makro for about 5kms
  6. The M19 then splits at a T-Junction, take the RIGHT Turnoff and go under the flyover and into Umgeni Road.
  7. You will notice there is a fence dividing Umgeni road in two and a number of railway lines on your left.
  8.  When you reach the GOBLE ROAD traffic light you will take the left slipway into Goble Road (Smiso Nkwanyana).  There is a golf course on your left and you will see the Kings Park Rugby Stadium on your right.
  9. Keep left and turn into NMR Avenue (Masabalala Yengwa Avenue) at traffic light. Immediately after going through the intersection move into the right hand lane,  as you will turn right at the Engen Petrol Station.
  10. DO NOT CROSS the Athlone Bridge over the Umgeni River – as you would be heading in the wrong direction and into Durban North
  11. Once you have turned right you will drive along Athlone Road towards the beachfront area at Blue Lagoon.
  12. You will go under the M4 highway and then immediately after that you will reach a circle where you will turn right.
  13. You will continue along with the sea on your left until you see Suncoast on your left.
  14. You can collect your cyclists from Suncoast or the parking areas along the beachfront

Approach to Durban to collect cyclists via Tollgate Bridge/Ridge Road/Argyle Road

The most convenient way to arrive at the finish area is to take the N3 Toll Road Eastbound to Durban.

  1. When coming from Pietermaritzburg take the TOLLGATE OFF-RAMP – you will see the cyclists on your right going down into town.
  2.  Immediately turn left into RIDGE ROAD.
  3.  Continue along RIDGE ROAD in a northerly direction, past Overport Centre on your right.
  4.  You will continue along RIDGE ROAD for about 5 km, through 5 traffic lights.
  5.  The road then splits, with a low red brick wall.  At the end of this wall you will turn right into SPRINGFIELD ROAD.
  6.  You will continue down SPRINGFIELD ROAD towards the sea, through 7 traffic light intersections – this becomes ARGYLE ROAD.
  7.  You will go over the railway lines and then over NMR Ave, where you will see the cyclists below you.
  8. Go through the traffic lights that go onto the M4 North – carry on towards Blue Waters Hotel
  9. Turn left at Natal Command
  10. You can collect your cyclists at Suncoast or any of the parking areas on the beachfront