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21 October 2018
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Training Programmes

Whether you’re a novice cyclist or if you just want to improve your time from last year, take a look at our training programmes that will help you ride your best Tsogo Sun Amashova yet!

Sub 3

Training Programme sub 3 – August
Training Programme sub 3 – September
Training Programme sub 3 – October

Sub 4

Training Programme sub 4 – August
Training Programme sub 4 – September
Training Programme sub 4 – October

Sub 5

Training programme sub 5 – August
Training Programme sub 5 – September
Training programme sub 5 – October

Official Training Partner
Cycle Lab is the official Training Partner of the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic. Cycle Lab, in conjunction with The Threshold, has developed a 12-week and an 8-week training plan that can be found here: They’re free and are perceived-exertion/heart-rate based, so easy for most to follow.

Split Time Calculator

Sub 3 hour – split-predictor-3hr
Sub 4 hour – split-predictor-4hr
Sub 5 hour – split-predictor-5hr