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20 October 2024
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Green Numbers

Our group of green number cyclists is growing each year and you will see them proudly lined up in their Green Number Batch on the start line. We like to recognise this loyalty shown by those who return each year to ride the race. The Green number club is only for the 106km cyclists.
As a green number cyclists you will get the following perks:

Permanent green number
Opportunity to ride in the Green Number Batch
Some surprises too..
Click here to check your green number status.

Click here if you are a Green Number and would like to check your permanent race number.

Have you completed 9 rides?
Well done on completing 9 Amashova events – that is a great achievement. You are nearly part of our Green Number club – all you need to do is complete the Amashova 2024 and in 2025 you will be an official Green Number cyclist.

Once you have completed one more 106km event you will be allocated a permanent green number which you will ride with each year going forward. There is also a separate pick up area at number collection as well as a Green Number batch at the start in Pietermaritzburg. Thank you for your amazing loyalty to our event and good luck for your training!

If you have any queries regarding your number of rides please contact: [email protected]

Past Results

Click here to check your previous results. We have all the results since 1986 except for 1996 as that year was cancelled due to bad weather.